Say What…? #24

Patrick: “Daddy, I will do that tomorning.” – Patrick (2012) Now, ‘tomorning’ is not a word, but I think it should be as it’s an efficient way of saying tomorrow morning. Brilliant! Advertisements

Say What…? #23

Patrick: “Daddy, when I grow up I want to drive a doughnut car.” Me: “That’s my dream too.” – Patrick (2012) That’s not a doughnut delivery car, but a doughnut shaped car. Just so we’re clear.

Say What…? #22

Patrick: “Daddy, can you come to my work and see the peacocks?” Me: “Ummm… do you work at a zoo or something?” Patrick: “No. That’s silly.” – Patrick (2012) I’m not even sure I know how to respond to this one, but it made me laugh nonetheless.

Double O Collins

Today was one of those days in which a life long dream comes true. I’m not talking about days like when I got married, or even when my son was born. Not talking about going days filled with skydiving or crossing something awesome of the bucket list. I’m talking about the day I had a…

Say What…? #21

Patrick: “Daddy, can I sit there when I become a mommy?” – Patrick (2012) Me: “You’ll be waiting a long time.” He’s starting to challenge me with the weirdness of his questions. I say, bring it on!

Say What…? #20

Me: “Let’s go Patrick, we need to get ready for school.” Patrick: “Just a minute, I’m trying to find the circles.” Me: “They’re all circles. You’re eating Cheerios.” Patrick: “Daddy! I found a triangle.”  Me: “I stand corrected.” – Patrick (2012) That pretty much says it all. I’d always thought that the “O” in Cheerios was to represent…

Say What…? #19

Patrick: “Daddy, we need to get a robot.” Me: “Really? Where on earth are we going to buy a robot?!?” Patrick: “The robot store.”  – Patrick (2012) I was serious when asking where to buy robots. You just never see them advertised anywhere. You think Future Shop would have an assortment of robots, but they tend to stick to…