Say What…? #25

Me: “Patrick, what’s the difference between boys and girls?” Patrick: “The Christmas tree.” – Patrick (2012) Exactly. Wait!!! What??? It’s fun to ask questions where you’re guaranteed a funny answer. Advertisements

Say What…? #24

Patrick: “Daddy, I will do that tomorning.” – Patrick (2012) Now, ‘tomorning’ is not a word, but I think it should be as it’s an efficient way of saying tomorrow morning. Brilliant!

Say What…? #23

Patrick: “Daddy, when I grow up I want to drive a doughnut car.” Me: “That’s my dream too.” – Patrick (2012) That’s not a doughnut delivery car, but a doughnut shaped car. Just so we’re clear.

Say What…? #22

Patrick: “Daddy, can you come to my work and see the peacocks?” Me: “Ummm… do you work at a zoo or something?” Patrick: “No. That’s silly.” – Patrick (2012) I’m not even sure I know how to respond to this one, but it made me laugh nonetheless.

Double O Collins

Today was one of those days in which a life long dream comes true. I’m not talking about days like when I got married, or even when my son was born. Not talking about going days filled with skydiving or crossing something awesome of the bucket list. I’m talking about the day I had a…

Say What…? #21

Patrick: “Daddy, can I sit there when I become a mommy?” – Patrick (2012) Me: “You’ll be waiting a long time.” He’s starting to challenge me with the weirdness of his questions. I say, bring it on!

Say What…? #20

Me: “Let’s go Patrick, we need to get ready for school.” Patrick: “Just a minute, I’m trying to find the circles.” Me: “They’re all circles. You’re eating Cheerios.” Patrick: “Daddy! I found a triangle.”  Me: “I stand corrected.” – Patrick (2012) That pretty much says it all. I’d always thought that the “O” in Cheerios was to represent…