2019 Summer Vacation

For the 4th consecutive year we’ve rented a cottage with 3 other families. What started out as The Crazy Eight nearly 20 years ago has doubled in size to 16. That’s right. 16 people. 1 cottage. 1 week. Last year, we drove a long way out to Mont Tremblant in Quebec, but this year we decided to keep it a bit more local. We found a nice 6 bedroom cottage on the south shore of Rice Lake just south of Peterborough. It only took us 35 minutes from home to get there and about 1.5 hours from Toronto but it still felt a million miles away. In previous years, we tried to do something almost every day, but this year most of us just wanted to do nothing. One afternoon was spent at the movie theatre in Peterborough. One morning we spent an hour in Campbellford. One day we spent a couple hours at Cobourg Beach, and we spend about 1.5 hours at a local fish hatchery taking a tour. The remainder of the time we spent at the cottage either swimming, playing games or simply just sitting around. It was probably my favourite cottage to date.

Below are a smattering of photos taken throughout the week in no particular order. To see all the photos I took, check out my Flickr album or my Google Photos album.

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